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From the same tradition that spawned noir favorites Brick, Bloodline and Sin City, REGINA is a new short film created by Nik Walker and produced by Illium Picturesand Silver Towers Productions


When two sisters struggling to connect across a fractured family history are given a front row seat to murder, it spirals them into a grand and ever-deepening sidewinder of a mystery, one that not only bonds them together, but presses their every wit and will and ultimately helps them find their place in each other's lives and the world. 


The REGINA team consists of Nik Walker (Writer/Creator, Producer), Natasha Kermani(Director), Krysta Hibbard (Executive Producer), Sarah Joyce (Producer) and Chivonne Michelle (Producer), and a bold, talented cast, including Illium Pictures mainstay Lauren Ashley Carter,  Broadway actors Paul Alexander Nolan, Preston Dugger, and Joe Ricci, with Sarah Joyce, and Chivonne Michelle.

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