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Hi there, I'm Chivonne. I do voices.
(If you didn't read that with Robin Williams' voice in your head - please go watch Mrs.Doubtfire asap rocky - It's why I fell in love with voice acting to begin with.) 
I've got quite a few natural accents from growing up all over the world. I was born in Victoria, BC, Canada, raised in Europe (with a short stint in Ipswich, England) spent about 5 years in Virginia and ended up in NYC at NYU where I graduated with a BFA in Drama. 
Currently, I am fully set up to provide broadcast quality audio from my home studio in Los Angeles. 

Check Out Chivonne's Voice on this American Airlines Spot...

Studio Specs: 
Shure SM7B  Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Mic
Apollo Twin X
Twisted Wave 

Studio Connectivity: 
Source Connect 

Past & Present Clients

American Express

TJ Maxx


American Airlines

Dannon Light & Fit name a few...

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